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I am very compassionate but I will not let someone walk all over me.Greetings in the name of Jesus my name is Sherma I am from a lovely Caribbean island . I do not believe in judging others I am in no position to do that I live for the man upstairs. I do not have much friends ,so I am looking for Christian friend to talk too about god and life to my brothers and sisters in Christ pls drop this sister a line or two let make friends let share life struggles I am there to listen .

i have been married for 3 years, blessed with one lovely daughter and i am a christian. I am a 51 year old happily married Christian woman who is looking for another Christian female pen pal.I have three grown children and two young grandchildren. I am looking for someone to share our joys and life's burdens through Christian friendship. I am happily married with no kids, I work as an assisting Nurse in a nursery in night skifts.I live in Denmark, a country with a heavy tax, but also with a welfare system, where you don't have to pay for seeing your GP or to be treated in hospitals.And you don't have to pay for studying at universyties, so our tax money will help .... I am looking for a female pen pal to email on a regular basis.I read a lot,and like to spend time with family and freinds. I would prefer other parents to email, especially mom's of Twins being that I have twins.

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I am a down to earth person and I am kind of reserved but when you get to know me I'm really fun.

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