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Sibel was instantly attracted to Steve after viewing his online dating profile.But she wanted to make sure he really was who he claimed to be.Before she agreed to go on a trip with him, she did her homework.A simple GOOGLE search validated his existence, and a background check certified that he didn’t have any type of criminal history.

There seems to be a misunderstanding that people on Miss Travel need some kind of paid companionship. Just because someone is “generous”, doesn’t mean they can’t also be good looking.Likewise, the “attractive” members, are not just lazy people looking for a hand out.70% of all users are looking for a relationship, a partner in crime to travel the world with. but whatever happens on your Miss Travel date is up to you.So if you really want a shot at finding love on Miss Travel, please leave your skepticism at the door and remember, this is an online dating website. Be clear with your intentions up front, before you embark on your vacation.Leave all expectations behind and just let whatever happens, happen.

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