Akanishi jin and kuroki meisa dating

Taking over some dinky little recording studio (and one of the 1,455 littered all over L.

A.), so he can churn out yet another generic-sounding pop album?

Taking over an itty bitty corner of the Internet so he can digitally release two singles? ) Memo to Bakanishi: dude you ain’t the first dance/R&B singer to feel up half-dressed chicks atop shiny cars in neon-lit parking basements while lip-syncing for a music video, just so y’know. Because Jin’s gonna need a whole lotta moolah now that he’s a Family Man, yo.

never mind that the announcement came right out of left field (specifically, from “WTF?It’s hard to brand yourself as fun, flirty and fancy-free when you’re already someone else’s wife and popping babies left and right (just ask Kudo Shizuka, lol) – especially in a youth-obsessed industry like Japan’s. As, er, tempting as it would be to hear Jin perform Out Kast’s Ms.(Queen of J-Pop Amuro Namie would be one of the few exceptions.) But I daresay Meisa will find a way to bounce back via her film and TV work; a case in point is Takeuchi Yuko, who’s still very much in the biz after surviving her own dekichatta kekkon and subsequent divorce from (and ugly custody battle with) that kabuki dude. Jackson and really the lyrics, heh.) On a side note, my first thought after hearing the news was, “Poor Kame must be KRUSHED! And sorry to all the Akame slashfic writers out there, but Meisa just redefined the M in the word “Mpreg.” Hahaha.Speaking of which, this brings to mind a certain Akame Mpreg fic that I found floating around one of the Live Journal JE comms. “First Comes Marriage, then Comes Love” (or sumthin’ like that). I stopped short of reading the fic itself (sh*t wuz too freaky, lol), but the synopsis read like a classic tale. In their statements, released more than a week after the wedding, Jin and Meisa implored their fans to continue to support their careers, adding they were determined to “deliver (his) best” (Jin’s words) and “work even harder than before” (Meisa’s).Well, I don’t doubt Meisa – the girl is used to juggling acting, singing/dancing and modeling duties anyway.

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