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Many people with Asperger’s crave acceptance and love through a romantic relationship, but few know how to actually go about finding and maintaining one. Growing up, I saw my classmates flirting and discovering young love, and I desperately wanted to experience that.

And think of it this way: Attraction is entirely subjective, so even if you do think you could be better looking, chances are good that there’ll be someone out there who will fall head over heels for you and think you’re the best looking thing on the planet.

I used to think I was some hideous ogre of a man, and would constantly tell myself how repulsive I was.

Then, after years of sticking to this belief, I discovered that I was wasting my time.

If my opinion of myself depends on how others think of me, then something is wrong.

Start with Friendship Most healthy relationships begin as strong friendships founded on mutual interests, congruent moral values, and a mutual physical attraction.

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When fortune works in your favor and the most perfect person finds their way into your life, reach out as a friend and expect nothing more.

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