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If so, was it established through CSA or through the Family Court?If it was established through CSA, it's true that they'll only take issue with the time they were involved onward.You can file a motion in Family Court to collect arrerages covering the period from the date of birth to when CSA got involved in the case.Of course, if the difference is not an inordinately long time (i.e.

I've been told the courts don't deal with this sort of thing anymore I would ask to speak to someone higher up.My daughter father and I didn't go to court for child support until she was almost 6 months old, and they still backdated everything starting from the day she was born.It's not like the child had no financial needs up until when they contacted him... In Virginia Beach, maybe elsewhere too, is called DCSE -- the Department of Child Support Enforcement.In court, at least here, they back date to the filing date. contact someone higher up than your worker, or who you talked to, they should back date the support at least to when you came to them for help.Winkle might be in England because the child support system there is called the Child Support Authority. As a general rule, at least in the US, a noncustodial parent will be obliged to pay child support back to a child's birth and perhaps some of the medical expenses. Look up your state at The Child Support Web Child Support Enforcement Information & Resources I don't know who told you this but the courts certainly do deal with it.

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