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In principle I accept the restorer theory, though I probably have a different take on it, as well as the idea the Sphinx, related temples, and G2's base at the least, are much older than the pyramids.But I don't see any reason to suggest any, particularly the pyramids, are 12,000yrs old.Its clear orthodox dating is wrong, but I don't think it is that wrong.

I think the most relevant outcome of the results of the 2 studies is that from the 6th Dynasty and back ALL of the dates are older whether they be 100 or over 1000yrs in some cases.This alone should thoroughly debunk the "old wood theory", for one, but more importantly provide little doubt accepted chronology is in error.How much is the question though at best as far as I can see there is nothing to point to 10,000BC.To answer your question from your previous post, the way around RCD is to accept the idea given the dates are derived from the exterior and short lived materials that they may not be indicative of the builders but rather later restorers.What gives credence to this idea, amongst a host of other non-RCD related evidence, is that the RC dates for the G1 exterior get progressively older the higher you go dating to as much as 3,900BC.

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