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I will upload the rest of these stragglers within the next couple weeks. Gentry and his son, David present young earth evidences supporting rapid coal formation such as polonium halos in coalified wood and the astonishingly pure giant coal beds of the Powder River Basin.

Proof The Earth Is Young and Noah's Flood "The Young Age of the Earth" The Young Age of the Earth is a 76 minute VHS/DVD video which explains how a created, young Earth, is compatible with a myriad of field evidences and the Genesis record of creation in six literal days. These coal beds, sometimes hundreds of feet thick, are better explained by a rapid deposition and burial of billions of tons of vegetation by a massive flood mechanism.

Present day oil formation in the Guaymas Basin is seen using deep sea footage from DSV Alvin.

Aerial and ground based footage of the Grand Canyon illustrate features which question whether the Colorado River carved the canyon over millions of years. Walt Brown discusses his hydroplate theory which is consistent with the biblical flood model.

It was a nightmare because the ashes were all over our patio. The kids thought it was snow and I told them it wasn't that it was ashes.

Vancouver was pretty much having problems because the cars and busses were having problems on the road.

The empirical scientific evidence in support of the biblical account of creation and the flood is so vast and encompasses every area of science.

The only way you could believe in macro evolution and deep time atheism, is if you want to exclude God from your thinking really really badly. I am not profiting in any way by putting this on Youtube.

Thank God that he provided so much sound evidence, so that when we face judgement after our final breath all will be without excuse. Only uploading it for the glory of God Almighty and his only begotten son the Lord Jesus Christ.

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