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Although it has been documented that ancient Egyptians employed slaves or servants, modern archaeological research shows that Egyptian workers actually constructed the pyramids.

Villages and remains of pyramid workers have shed light not only on the ethnicity and sex of the workers, but also on the amenities available to workers.

Workers’ villages included not only craftsmen relating to the pyramid’s construction but also cooks, bakers, priests and medicine men.

The world has been baffled for thousands of years about just how slave workers transported the massive blocks across the Valley of the Kings in around 2,000BC.

The recently launched Operation Scan the Pyramids project aims to probe this enduring mystery by using high-tech but non-invasive methods to examine the pyramids.

Using one of these methods—infrared thermography—an international team of scientists and architects recently detected a mysterious thermal anomaly, or hot spot, on the eastern wall of the Great Pyramid of Giza, which may hint at some kind of passageway or chamber inside.

Most books and encyclopedia state that there are 2.3 million blocks of stone in the Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops), with no mention of method used to figure this.

Socrates determined the size and weight of the blocks (a standard block), and ran a Pascal Computer Program (a mathematical model of all the blocks of stone needed; written by the author to optimize the sizes and weights of the stones) to come up with the real number of blocks used.

Since the volume of passageways and internal chambers are very small compared to the high volume of the pyramid, they are ignored at this time, just as though the pyramid was built of solid stone blocks with mortared joints.

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Many movies, books and other works of historical fiction centering around life in ancient Egypt — particularly the of reimagined biblical story of Moses — depict the pyramid builders as slaves.

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