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Want an email sales funnel that's already proven to work? Years ago, I had a co-worker who needed my help to finish a project that (1) he was leading but (2) it would also help my team. But you have to decide if you want to be right…or you want this to get done.” Is he right? Get the entire word-for-word email funnel that generated 0,000 from a single launch and apply it to your own business. “Sure,” I said, “just find me tomorrow and I’ll show you how to do it.” The next day came and went. Later, when he was asked about the project, he sighed and said he hadn’t gotten it done. “Dude, you were supposed to find me,” I told him sharply. “Listen, if you need my help, you need to find me — not the other way around.” Then he said something I’ll never forget: “Technically, you’re right. This situation opened my eyes to an unexpected twist of persuasion that I use to this day. Some of the hardest gifts for working mothers to purchase are those for coworkers.We don't want them to be too lavish - or too inexpensive.

Often the dollar amount can be as low as , and now you have the arduous task of trying to buy a nice gift for a small amount of money.Whether it's a Secret Santa gift or just a thoughtful gesture to spread holiday cheer, there are some great inexpensive gifts for coworkers that they'll still enjoy. to Range: While you think you're getting a bargain, if you set a gift-giving limit of under , it's sometimes hard to come up with thoughtful coworker gifts in this price range.Male: Great coworker gifts for men in this low price range include: money clip, business card case (with engraving if it's inexpensive), bottle of wine, chocolate/cookies basket, small basket of fruit, grooming set, small bottle of cologne, i Pod case, i Pod ear phones or a graphic T-shirt.Female: Body lotion gift sets from a retailer like, Bath and Body Works, scented candle, mug with tea or coffee sampler, nail polish or pedicure set, hair gel and spray (if you know the products the person uses), bubble bath with loofah, perfume, jeweled i Pod case, winter gloves, hair clips and accessories (if the person uses them), stainless steel earrings or a bottle of sangria. to Range: With a little more cash to spend, you have more choices, but it's still a challenge to buy the perfect gift for a coworker.

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In some cases, you may be buying for superiors or simply giving to people who have become friends in addition to coworkers.

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