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The sub- ject is fascinating, and for at least 3(X) years has been treated by many writers. Will you spare a little time to listen to their story, told by no expert, but gathered from many sources not easily accessible?

I do not believe that this sentiment is much less general even now. For the division into chapters, their arrani^ement and titles, with the pre- paration of 11 copious, serviceable Index, I have gratefully to acknowledge the judicious work of a Krici Kl. When all people in lhesi isles were of one faith, their notes summoned all, and appealed to all, whether they might be merry or should grieve. If, as I am told, some kindly readers think they will bear republication, I may doubt, but cannot object. They must therefore go to the press in this new form, with all their imperfections on their head. To what ni_\Tiads have tliey rung for joy, or tolled for death! I HAVE been asked to allow these articles on " Church Bells" to be reprinted in book form. What numberless generations of British folk have they called to worship! page 4 5 7 10 12 15 \H 20 22 23 2H 80 33 36 40 43 47 788127 PREFATORY NOTE. OW often tliey have been sung by poi'ts 1 Hon- inspiring to remem- ber tliat (for over fourt-e«n hun- dred centuries they have been noted in Church history!

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