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Said Billy Konaski as he went into diabetic shock after tasting his black neighbors Kool Aid after his family was forced to move to the hood.

Billy Konaski went into diabetic shock and dies after tasting his new black friend’s kool aid for the first time yesterday afternoon.

Anthony Michael Hall is being investigated for allegedly attacking his neighbor, leaving the man with a broken wrist and hurt back ... Condo residents claimed back in 2011 Hall scared the crap out of them, screaming obscenities and looking for fights.

The guy says Hall shouted to close the gate, came over and slammed it shut, and then melted down. it shows the 2 men in each other's faces when suddenly the alleged victim goes flying backward. This isn't the first time AMH's been accused of being a bad neighbor.

claiming the actor violently shoved him to the ground, hurting him badly. the ruckus began when he left their condo gate open.

Born name Glenroy A Pickergill better known by his stage name Jay X is a Rapper/Songwriter that got a passion for writing music.Jay X was born in Kingston Jamaica in a small area in the downtown Kingston call Tivoli Garden. S to live with is Mom but while living in the USA Jay X was more expose to the HIP-HOP nation with fellow Artiste like Busta-rhyme and heavy-D with the same Jamaica back-grown.Jay X was always into music at a early age he was always writing music most of all he use to memorize music from is favorite rap Artists and sing them over. He decided this what he wanted to do beside going to college and getting a associate degree in business administration.His favorite songs were Jay-Z ( Hard knock Life ), Tu-PAC ( Dear Mama ) and B. He fell in love with Rap music so as the years go by Jay-X use to put out songs after songs freestyle after freestyle but in 2013 he grab Everybody Attention when he drop a song call ( Imma real n*gga ) which quickly grab a internet buzz.Local dj’s start playing it in the club and on local underground station the song even end up on Worldstar hip-hop then is buzz got a lil bigger.

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