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Authentic Fragment of the Campo Del Cielo Meteorite This beautiful full color print is framed and matted to include a meteorite fragment from Argentina.

The full name of the meteorite is Campo Del Cielo – meaning ' Fields of the Sky'. The crater field is 2 miles wide by 12 long with 26 craters.

Carbon dating of charred wood fragments taken from beneath the meteorite indicate it fell to earth around 2,200B. These meteorites hit the earth's atmosphere traveling up to 150,000 miles per hour, landing in Chaco of northern Argentina.

The meteorite is composed of 93% iron, 6% nickel, .05% cobalt with trace amounts of phosphorus, gallium and germanium.

Here is a reality check for anyone craving a telescope for Christmas: It isn't easy as you might think to see the stars.

In the wake of the suits, which were settled out of court, some of the manufacturers altered their packaging to ensure that the photographs on their boxes or in their catalogs reflected the capabilities of the actual telescope being advertised and to include disclaimers noting the images were merely "decorative." Even now, that doesn't mean the images necessarily reproduce what you will see when you point the telescope at the stars.

The pictures on telescope boxes often are taken with digital cameras attached to the telescopes that produce images better than anything the human eye can observe through the telescope.

"I expected to see the same kind of objects you could see on the box," says retired California National Guard Col.

George Robinson, who decided to get into astronomy a few years ago.

The box of his telescope showed pictures of colorful nebulae, comets, meteors and star clusters.

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