Dating scams from malaysia tall white women short black men dating site

the above is to check if the scammers cheat about their whereabouts and online time.

Nigerian scammers will use white western man photo, fake ID, fake webcam, fake lawyer’s letter, fake courier letter or pretend to be opposite sex.You cannot escape once you are targeted as they will send many ID's to keep greeting you and in communication with you, constantly chatting you up, preying on you because they know you are lonely, looking for love, ready for new relationship, financially independent, FEAR GOD, ( what religion you believe in, most Nigerian scammers are Christian, making Christian woman their favorite victims).This blog is dedicated to members not familiar or good with the Internet and new to the dating sites.Scammers are internationally linked and they are IT based.They monitor all your emails, YM and your reporting. If you have a virus attacked in your YM then your email has been HACKED., CHANGE YOUR EMAIL/YM PASSWORD, block thier message it may contain virus or if the IP is from your own country for sure it is a SCAM when he claims to be overseas- right!

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