Dating someone with multiple sclerosis

Welcome to the world's leading forum on Multiple Sclerosis research, support, and knowledge. If you can be understanding when she doesn't feel up to it, be supportive when she is feeling low and enjoy the good times I think you will be fine! She is actually home right now due to a "flare up". I'm hoping we can have our second date either this weekend or next. You sound a lovely guy, interested, considerate and committed..For over 10 years, This is MS has provided an unbiased community dedicated to Multiple Sclerosis patients, caregivers, and affected loved ones. I'm new to this forum so I'll apologize in advance if I ask questions that have been asked a million times before. She thought that her MS, and being on crutches, would have scared me off. There are many people on this site who do not have MS but are in relationships with people who have ms. When that happens she is in extreme pain, and has to stay in bed. I think your lady friend is perhaps a bit apprehensive and perhaps even in conflict - ie, she may lack the confidence to see in herself what you see in her.Here is the reason for my post today: There is a woman at work who has MS. I get the feeling that she is hesitant to get into a relationship because of her MS. MS is not only a disease which messes with your body, but can totally screw with your mind in the process.

I want to be as helpful as I can, but I don't want her thinking that I'm trying to take away her independence. This is my personal take on MS, your lady's take might be very different! " I told her before that, if we made plans and then the day came and she didn't feel up to going out, that I would understand. When I think of what my husband does, it's something of a balancing act to acknowledge my disease and give me the extra rest time I need but not to give the disease too much weight because I still want him to think of me as attractive and a partner in this. She texted me last night to tell me that her cat is finally eating again.

You seem like a really nice guy and its very sweet of you to make the effort to find out about MS. As its early days with you both and hopefully she fancies you, she doesn't want you to see her at her worst yet....almost like not wanting a guy to see you first thing in the morning without any makeup on. Hopefully this relapse will pass soon and she will feel better again. Yes, patience and understanding would be needed, but those are good ideas no matter who you're dating.

I told her that, in my eyes, the MS hasn't changed who she is. On our first date I laughed more than I have in years. It will be something that will always affect our growing relationship in one way or another. It's really funny, 'cause I am on the opposite side of the fence to you, ie, in your lady's position.

I was seeing someone, alas no longer - who used to tell me exactly what you're saying about and to her.

Only I couldn't see it, all I can see is this *thing* the MS has turned me into.

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