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Timolin and Casey revealed they plan to not only mourn the life of their sister, but also celebrate the impact she's had in their life and on music.The Cole name and legacy will still be passionately embraced as the family continues their mission to provide music education to those less fortunate through the Nat King Cole Generation Hope foundation.Olsen sat down with ET at a press junket for the upcoming biographical drama, where she dismissed rumors that the two have struck up a real-life romance as "a bunch of strangers saying a bunch of stuff that they don't know about." WATCH: Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen's Chemistry is Undeniable in Emotional ' I Saw The Light' Trailer However, she had nothing but praise for her handsome co-star, explaining how she and Hiddleston "really work really well together." Though the two are both stars of the Marvel cinematic universe – Olsen joined the Avengers as Scarlet Witch in 2015's , while Hiddleston plays Thor's troublesome half-brother Loki – they have yet to share the screen in a comic adaptation."I would love to work with him again," Olsen gushed. Anyone who's worked with him knows how disciplined and rigorous he is, and kind and respectful." PIC: Tom Hiddleston Recreates Iconic Hank Williams Shot in First Image From ' I Saw the Light' In , Hiddleston plays famed country crooner Hank Williams, while Olsen plays the singer's first wife, Audrey Williams.The couple's tumultuous eight-year marriage ended in an acrimonious divorce in 1952, a year before Williams died at the age of 29.Despite their dramatic and intense on-screen relationship, Olsen said her time on set with Hiddleston and director Marc Abraham was the "most creative environment I've ever been in." "With that kind of safety you're allowed to have intimacy," she explained."you're able to listen to someone and be present within a film together." NEWS: New Couple Alert?

31), the music industry lost American songstress, Natalie Cole, due to ongoing health complications.Before family members of the "This Will Be" singer flew out to Los Angeles to attend her funeral, Cole's twin sisters Timolin and Casey spoke with about her death and reflected on Christmas memories together.Besides looking forward to presents and holiday meals, Timolin and Casey recall Christmas Eve being one of Natalie's favorite times of the year because it allowed her to be in the comfort of close family and friends.The 54-year-old twins are thankful they were able to spend time with Natalie on what would end up being their last Christmas together.The Christmas season also brings back fond memories of their late father Nat King Cole, his music, and the family traditions they created together as a family. "We had a wonderful evening where we reminisced about holiday traditions of the past and present, including decorating every inch of her Hancock Park home with vintage Christmas ornaments and finery." Natalie died at the age of 65 from congestive heart failure.

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