Dating website for the chronically ill

The Turnbull Government will revolutionise the way we care for Australians with chronic diseases and complex conditions – aiming to keep them out-of-hospital and living happier and healthier lives at home.

Our package is one of the biggest health system reforms since the introduction of Medicare 30 years ago.

Patients with multiple chronic conditions will get a health care package tailored to their needs and that care will then be co-ordinated to help them easily navigate the complex system.

As many as one-in-five Australians now live with two or more chronic health conditions.

About 65,000 Australians will be able to participate in the initial trials in up to 200 medical practices.

The Council of Australian Governments has discussed the benefits of primary care and the Prime Minister on Friday will invite state and territory leaders to partner with the Commonwealth on these reforms.

We want to reduce the barriers patients face across fragmented health services, with the aim of keeping them well at home and out of hospital.

Simplifying a chronically-ill patient’s care by allowing them to nominate one GP practice as their ‘home base’, in conjunction with other Turnbull Government reforms such as our new digital Record, will empower patients to take better control of their own care.

It will also reduce potentially life-threatening and costly inefficiencies in our health system, including hospitals.

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We will provide quality patient outcomes in Commonwealth-funded primary health care services for the chronically ill to keep more Australians healthier, happier and out-of-hospital.

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