Drake and rihanna dating june 2016 lady gaga dating

June 2010: Drake cries about how Rihanna loved him and left him after that very date during an interview with the .

If I did that after every one-night stand, college would’ve been a very different story.

Drake also releases “Fireworks” which is about Rihanna.

At this point all I’ve concluded is that Rihanna is a fucking boss and Drake needs to grow a pair.

June 2010-July 2011: TMZ reports Aubrey and Ri Ri were “snuggling up at a private booth” at some Canadian nightclub eh, they drop Rihanna’s song “What’s My Name?

” October 2011: Drake spends more time crying to magazine about how Rihanna looked at him once and he fell in love with her for years because he’s a stalker.

Somewhere in the middle of this sad, sad interview and Rihanna and Chris Brown stupidly getting back together—proving to everyone that Rihanna has shitty taste in men—“Take Care” drops and Drake decides to taunt Chris Brown by sending him a note in a club like he’s in fucking second grade. February 2014: Drake does another super obnoxious interview with where he describes Rihanna as “the ultimate fantasy” while also letting everyone know “they’re just friends." Right.

Drake shakes the bouncer’s hand while arriving at Tramp nightclub for a night out on Wednesday (June 29) in London, England.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Drake A source recently told they “aren’t seriously dating” but they are hooking up. Earlier that morning, Ri Ri and Drake were spotted leaving Tape nightclub at around 6 am after partying together again.

Earlier this year it was reported that Drake and Rihanna not only went ice skating but also bowling (why? ) and the whole world speculated whether the fuck they were dating or if they were just toying with us.

Anyway, they’ve seemingly been pretty on since then, what with their respective collaborations and all the grinding they do during concerts. I’m here to figure it the fuck out because I, like you, care far too much but unlike you, I am paid to do so.

That’s what I thought and tried really hard to convince myself of, because if they’re not together my belief in true love is pretty much at 0. #Blessed Using a handy guide made by VH1.com, here’s a timeline made better by my commentary.

Then the VMAs happened and a beautiful moment when Drake kissed Rihanna was ruined when she pretty much looked like she was getting a smooch from her way too affectionate uncle. May 2009: Drake and Rihanna went on their first date to Lucky Strike. Even I stopped doing that for dates and I’m definitely younger than both of them.

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