Drew seeley and selena gomez dating

Selena Marie Gomez was born and raised in Grand Prairie, Texas, to Mandy Teefey, who is of part Italian descent, and Ricardo Gomez, who is of Mexican descent and originally from New Mexico. Giving birth to Selena at 16, her mom Mandy recalls living "paycheck-to-paycheck".Selena started out on Barney & Friends as "Gianna" in 2001 where she really discovered her talent.

Her two Disney Channel Original Movies Princess Protection Program, with real-life BFF Demi Lovato, and Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie will both air Summer 2009.

See full bio on IMDb » Selena Gomez just owned Justin Bieber so hard ... The Biebs posted a pic of him and 17-year-old Sophia Richie over the weekend ... READ MORE Selena Gomez just posted a puzzling message ...

calling herself, "unauthentic" and "unconnected" to herself and her music hours after a concert. READ MORE Selena Gomez has a lead foot -- at least in reverse -- and a poor innocent fence paid the price. that first step can be a real bitch when you're performing in front of 19,000 people.

All eyes were on Selena as she left a salon's parking lot Wednesday in We Ho. She had a gig in Tulsa Sunday night, and her attempt to go down a short flight…

READ MORE Selena Gomez broke down in tears Saturday night as she dedicated a song to former "Voice" contestant Christina Grimmie, who was gunned down Friday night after an Orlando concert. READ MORE Katy Perry apparently has no issues with whatever happened in Vegas between Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez, because she just pooh-pooed everyone who thought she was done or upset with her BF. READ MORE Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez found love in the club -- for at least one night -- when things got VERY physical in Las Vegas, and TMZ got pics of the hookup.

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