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However bad the Trump campaign appears to be from the outside, it’s much, much worse on the inside.

Turns out the Donald has virtually no campaign infrastructure, no material plan for the general election, no data or analytics team, no fundraising operation, and a barely competent skeletal staff.

As Eric Levitz observed, “If Trump becomes a disciplined candidate, he’ll get less free media.

If he doesn’t, he’ll get free media that hurts him.”Trump’s teleprompter speech earlier this week suggests he’s open to becoming more disciplined. The RNC has no doubt improved its capabilities since 2012, but none of that matters if the nominee can’t get it together. If he can’t control himself, if he can’t beat back his urge to offend ethnic groups, nothing the RNC does will be effective.

As former RNC political director Mike Du Haime told The Washington Post, “The team they have in place is very good.

I think what ultimately is missing is that it needs to mesh with the nominee’s…No matter what the RNC does, it’s still up to the campaign to set the direction.”But Trump doesn’t take direction and he doesn’t do strategy.

Everything is impulsive, improvisational – to the extent that he has a strategy, that’s it.

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Trump is content to tweet his way to the White House, convinced that what worked in the primaries will work in the general election.

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