Dynamic client configuration updating policy information

The Endian UTM Appliance includes many useful services to prevent threats and to monitor the networks and the running daemons, whose activation and set up is explained in this section.

In particular, among them, we highlight the various proxy services, such as the antivirus engine, as well as the intrusion detection system, high availability, and traffic monitoring.

The available services appear as items in the sub-menu list on the left-hand side of the screen.

server is used by the clients (workstations and servers) in the zones controlled by the Endian UTM Appliance to receive an IP address (“lease”), and allows to control the IP address assigned to them in a centralised way.

Dynamic leases are configured on a zone basis: for example, it is possible to enable them only for clients in the GREEN zone, while the other active zones receive only fixed leases.It is however possible to let also devices in the ORANGE (DMZ) or BLUE (WLAN) zone to receive dynamic leases.The range of IP addresses to be supplied to the clients.These addresses have to be within the subnet that has been assigned to the corresponding zone.If some hosts should receive a fixed lease, (see used by the clients.

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Since the Endian UTM Appliance contains a caching DNS server, the default value is the firewall’s own IP address in the respective zone, though a second server or even the primary value can be changed. The customisation of the DHCP server proves useful in different networks configuration.

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