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This pamphlet gives you some general information on areas of the law in Alberta that are relevant to you during your marriage.

As well, there are a number of legal changes that take effect upon marriage.

Property Referral Numbers If you are engaged to be married you are no doubt anticipating exciting personal changes in your life.

^ TOP ^ The first thing that you must do is get a marriage license.

This can be purchased at any Registry Agency for about .00.

Both of you must have some form of identification (e.g.

birth certificate, driver’s license or something similar).

It is a contract between two people that will be enforced by the Courts. Sexual relations with someone other than your spouse is considered adultery which shows that your marriage has broken down and your spouse may apply for divorce on this ground.A bigamous marriage (marriage to a second spouse while still married to the first spouse) is void at the outset, but a court can decide who, if any, of the parties are married. Maintenance You both have an obligation to maintain (support financially) each other and the children of the marriage.Under the Criminal Code it is an offence not to provide your spouse and your children with “necessaries” -- food, clothing, and shelter.In certain circumstances, a spouse may obtain necessaries by pledging the credit of his/her spouse. Ability to Sue Your Spouse You can sue your spouse in a civil court action.For example, you may sue your spouse if you are injured because of your spouse’s negligence.

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If you won in court, you would be compensated by your spouse’s insurance company for your injuries.

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