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OWNING THE FIRST 5 MINUTES OF ANY SITUATION (my biggest secrets exposed! But I think this REALLY matters, so I hope you’ll keep an open mind when you watch this. I was a guest on a radio show in New York, doing my normal thing, when all of a sudden the host blurts out: “Three. Imagine how many terrible marriages that lie must lead to. You just finished your drinks and the waiter hands you the check. I’m not going to lie, in this week’s blog video, I get PRETTY controversial. I was live on air, fumbling for something to say as I tried to make sense of those three words. I will never stop being shocked by how many people still carry around the myth in their head that just being in a relationship = being successful in love. Or just smile and say thank you when he puts his credit card on the table? rollercoasters, indoor skydiving (as someone suggested in the comments), going to the zoo?

And our free video chat service lets you to see them live, in person. The sign-up form is simple, and doesn't weigh you down with a million questions about your life history. It's quick and makes it VERY easy to navigate and check out singles looking for a good conversation ( and maybe more).

We believe it's important to only allow honest people on a dating service, so we use face detection and enforce camera use for photos, ensuring our users are who they say they are. It's a blast, and does exactly what you want it to do. This app is the easiest to use app that I have ever seen.

Doesn't make you fill in a lot of unnecessary forms like e Harmony. Download the App Watch the Video is independent, easy to use, private and totally free. There are quite a few dating apps out there on FB & for the i Phone. I didn't expect to like a dating app, but this one is way different than the rest. A+" - Graham Immel "Simple, works well and looks great Simple & easy to use concept. One of the best looking apps I've seen in a while." - mescottyd "Not too shabby if I do say so myself!

We believe it's important to provide a safe ecosystem that is completely separate from other social media: no Facebook or Twitter logins or connections, no mining of your personal data from other websites. I also like that it doesn't give out my personal email or phone to any potential weirdos.

Date FM is definitely the best dating community I've seen. " - thomaz62 "Great dating app, A+ This app is very cool. It really makes it simple to find & talk w/ other people.

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