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After the visitation dispute shortly before Thanksgiving, Hilton said it was hard to get back on track. What he would like me to do is go away." She said her mom had a hard time communicating after a steep decline in her health following a car crash in 2002 and a fall in 2010."I was up to see her again and was shaking so much, I had to leave after 30 minutes. Hilton lavished praise on her boyfriend Michael Natsis, saying they met 18 years ago and planned to get married.I'm very sensitive," she told The News in November. "Without him, I would not be able to handle this," she said.She referred to herself as a "black sheep" of the Hilton clan, which includes socialite Paris Hilton, but said she was on good terms with the famous family.

Hilton and stepfather Frederic Prinz von Anhalt had been locked in a protracted battle over access to Gabor in recent years."Zsa Zsa is not aware of the news and I will not let anybody get close to my wife and tell her.She will not know about it," von Anhalt told the Daily News. She'll be 98 in a couple weeks with blood pressure on the rise. Von Anhalt said Hilton was at his house for a visit with Gabor in recent weeks and "everything was okay. I love my mother." Von Anhalt claimed Tuesday that Hilton was 35 minutes late to the visit in question and that her court-appointed monitor had to leave before she arrived, effectively canceling the visit.She was full of pepper." "I didn't get along with her, but my wife loved her," he said. "I'm the only child, so it's been very hard," she continued, breaking down in tears. Hilton went to court in 2012 seeking a conservatorship over her ailing actress mom.In a wide-ranging interview with The News last November, Hilton called her bedridden mom her best friend and claimed von Anhalt blocked one of her court-ordered visits shortly before Thanksgiving. A Los Angeles judge agreed to court supervision but named von Anhalt as the temporary conservator.

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