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Many BBS's charge you nothing to call and offer 30 to 60 minutes access or more per day, while others might charge a nominal subscription fee to access the more popular features like multi-user chat or CD-ROM files areas, or to allow you more daily online time.Still others might offer full-fledged (and fee-based) Internet access in addition to their standard BBS services.The majority of these boards are operated by computer hobbyists who put their time, money and equipment at the disposal of the community simply for the joy of doing so.Quite often, the Sys Op will run his or her BBS to promote a special area of interest, while others have a more general appeal.One of the most enticing aspects of BBS's is the personal attention many Sys Ops give to their callers.Some even go out of the way to help their users with software and hardware problems, making them a valuable resource for technical assistance and advice.Opening an account is as easy as logging on, and answering a few simple questions.To return to the previous page, press the BACK BUTTON on your browser. Besides an acronym for ''bulletin board system'', it's basically ''a small version'' of your Internet Service Provider.

This alternative is the ''Bulletin Board System'' (BBS), an online service offering a wide variety of online games, files, one-on-one chat, message areas, private mail, and participatory forums.

All this can be found at many BBS's via the Dial-Up And Telnet BBS List.

You can access them via a telnet client, or via your web browser, if the BBS has such.

There are many different styles of Bulletin Board Systems; each BBS is customized in form and appearance by its system operator, the person known as the Sys Op.

Boards range in size from those operating over a single telephone line from a home PC, to full-featured, multi-line systems run on a local area network (LAN).

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