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i..\r- lutrh mi hrr • I-- 1 Ir rnulrl tun hnvr luirwn lh:i1 the pnlice would M-arch hii Irmifcrj of course. crrtainly If Henry hud been in the aume line Poge 8 ci f business hut ihtiw-wmdnw would, havfl looked much as Ftwhwitk'* did. "Will" is fnrmal, but acceptable, and "Bill 14 is ilamped with inawu- Unity.

Frjin^o Eh Coty, Coty pcriuiiieh are truly Frtflk'h Iheti wundei 4h J hrunjt} hmh si'^wju* artf ipi. ihe rilf Eicral Liea, ntriifiplp* mii il Frunlralimi K «f tii Mliu-ily. To- gether with the telephone and radio it has hel|»-d in lianbh the loneliness ot distance.' It has revolutionised industry and become a necessary cciucoiiiilmit of si country's prosperity. Ikcji won at such cast, no sricnlific advance has exacted Mich a toll from the people who enjoy its advantages. In Auslialia atone fieri utt- approxi- mately 2(100 deaths and ■ffi.i XXt injuries through road acddent\ each year. She would lie very lorry to lit- h^:tnnny him wnb it tahen he was tired. Iwriltj-Fuur no Ult." Humphrey looked at Giibr dourly Cit-he looked hark. Belter tn hnvr these: things ready for his return Hr miahr be prctsrd for time thru N^w hr hnd W WWU for *omplerc darknet*, anyway. and Birtitia S uthroorn be reached auitiniatically for U ot i ■ ■ ■■ (linrmrni hr kept in th* I it H ruhinet I hr jar Wis aonr. Humphrey ke|ii hii ihirui* in perfect order, and thr i*r tuuld Ik- tip other place. lalirllcd "Eye Drop*," hi Lh Ltinot t Tit-lookii% itardard- pirpioulion bottlr wilh ryr-dnijipri N hattn had hern lit i nr. ho^t.vcr, and it wa* wise to be certain no crani CXht ML I low vrrv simple. Hrnry and Fithwlck, the dejiler in junk, inmt havr had similar (a»(ei.

t •l lk#JI be"+i drnict F , at In Ihr great Coty perfumes breathes llie soul of Paris Magtut Ki Mit baacy of the niusi LT. Pam iliajhl - aiqula if " l, CT " Wpd "METEOfl" r Cfl FUMf Marjni'ic-f Tf DFr'^q af 1hp hig K irnqinq — brilfcanr Psrfurai wh Je Ji hat i-»|tt ml* cvcrlan-. tiaau^mm WEEKLY MAY 5 KM YOUTH AND ROAD SAFETY THfc motor vehicle ha* made the world a im different place to live in. Mot Thill Brmn;» uunld h.l W Alls ninp H icriu ahnut him, naturally — Hrrrma would not be LVve- that Iii[ii]jhrry rould do any mn Nothing but auualk seeing him do a murder would convince hn that he bad dinr bat But Btenna knew rtifllf- thing, had happmi^j upon *onir knowledge which ? Shr would bp surr th..l ht L ould cxptuin it, wluir\Tr it wa*. *' "Yuu cut «i tnan* pliwes." "Thai's what the lieutenant Mid/* fiabe. ."Hft vaid it wciuld t^ke the rnhrr police fence tu track down all the plurrs I had ei Lten in ill tile la_J. After ihe accident to ■ranry* Majruirr Hutnphrry vrrnt inlo hi* own rtwni, locking chr iluor m'Mrrly behind him. locked the dciui to Bi rdt irof mil *cnir pyjjmaj, hii tnbe, hit Itppern. dujok as hr irarchrd thr nirdirme rabfad bmhrr Buf the mtij JI vh A id po I»M WM r£U thrrr. " Td rather «ay here." She tii Hid up, her lut a little aikcw. Safe, too, to itop and loofc inio hi* favorite thnp.

O PO Ficsnt o Prina in sur Linc Btreel t-vrih i Box WIO. In a world thut ii *o hill of *iirfr Tmg, where mil- lion* prjij.h nf famine, it np agaiuii tin- Trrniii to rrad d! 1 nhotild Iii*- u gn hold of tho§e vaporing femalr* who parade on the biped Pod of a dog-le Aih wnd heat wime lommon »rnjc urid decenrv into them with 2 "thtrk •tic Jt. and hr knew that it war* a qurn Linn which wmild hair lo be aimwctcc L Ii would not br easy to meet ESieiiuii K t£ttr t homst cyci and lie convincingly KMttt whatever it was- -rind Humphn-y ri-j|i«rd thai hr would have to lie vrry convincinflk jiuj-^d to fpol Hrmn;i, who knrw him well. Hr win M^nfi dii WJl*(»ini W tliiim i wiih Hutu pfiri Vi wifr. rti Hnrnjihi.1, - [ood, Tr%tcd k rontenird, whilr Hum- phrey wimid be ouj fa the jij Rhi, Hm IUa^ bft Kfr rtita btti ru Koi J.iphet Biisgst \j(J you hrmh your itimlyiii fur (hr Btttitt C rli-p.nt- l UCJlt? huuti'miut ,in Ydunger had nothing nit Humphrey now Nodiin^ at il Humphrey a free man. Hr chrikrd thr loading, l Ud the gun into hit in I Rr£rettflbly\ lir not inr il. on Krat KVl Mliqu'lir, hut he might need n for purpu»r*. They appeared ftfl il ihrr ought to hr worth ifl Supposr he were to split doc opru and find a ruby, newt and wet as a winc-giim? 1 1 run saw himself tapping the yellow kernel on ro hi- puirn and raiine, 'You only havr in know which ntmrs." He picked one up His finger* felt dry with all L, bill the great pebble was warm and comfortiug- "'Henry— you're not going tn that? Suhito Senior had nought a comii, "Somerhiitg for you lo read, Henry, whilr Mum and rac tair a mro U," "Wouldn't you Lke to come with in, dea T? " Henr\ rn-j^r- t When ihry moved away, hr louked at His comir The front page wai about Rideri of ihe t Ard foilrh. Belwern ihr bus trlminun find die Mat inr Garden* hr judged it »a/e in il,u ken iu 4 walk. at reception, i Mw Ca H M ni and hi* bride ul their redding M St.

TAJMAMJ*,, L*Ti Uj O^flui'V ■i Wrrjw ii hai come to Parii- ityled fafthions far dogn, bai ii? ) To judge by ionur of the pie- turn of French fashion^ it ili LUitdn't r\en happen lo a dog. "It's a lannf thing," she said, "hat I ieel i knv* yea," ' J Page 3 National Library of Australia 401 9 Flu MOIMUK ^J^hefivtr you tir under hi*, m lorgrt everything in the wor Id bul ha luw and dtrvothm to him. ihat there had brrn a nueitinn in Brcnrui'« eyes when he had ^ern her hi*i. ' I'm just going to ' 1 Kor thr 1 bird limr, Huinphrrty vietit Khfo Mth hu titder* lifaiuin nut bcin^ riiituihed bv Hnvune. We'll be very ■ ii m.utnrr Rt Kntt japhn luni^ln ojl M (im- ttmted domwtluiiy. " J.k|th«i li Mjkcd thiiu^hiluliy nupii Md Dul Van i ■ ■.! Ym, 1 fobbed i L I'wd the lab, cjf :i fnrnd ol mine thi» jfiriin^in on th|" ir ■ii Rachel Siihiniton'a own hair." Humphrey's rrlief ji this newi was slightly rlouded by •hr far i that hr had hern rhjrgrd five dollarf per uiiva U jjt of ihr oiiitmrni. for the rtnv* that he could not be iraii-d through it. would lien br our to ainur uhrn tnld ti» tlu Jbing, if »hr Wttt iairtl with 4 . There wen only (he pebble* to look at, tine big pebbles, smooth as eggi. " Kreiinit h« relief^ Henry Hilkily dtopped hi) fianc. Then he tumrd over on hii itoni ULh and watched ht parnt Li trampui R up 1 he beach. ■• I"..k "Ifc'» not reailtun hi» iinhiie." '"Hetiry doesn't wnon to care for Trading — only book*/* "He ought to want to improve bi^ muid.'* Hii w Sbet tigtutd If w^iuldn'i lv natii Tal '' Whm they were out r 'i L'loak-mom t wavhed hii haiidn. It UHift the young man u terond or two to reconcile what Henry bad mjd with Hrtiry'i pate and priwy look, Rv then Hrnry had prudently nipped away.

Yon cou Ed alwayt ileprnd upon Mndint, Aunt Srlina inside, dusline, and Aunt 7 To The girl smiled ol Stephen steading with his hot in his frond. i Vr Kently he ilid hit window open qiurily Hr un* latt hrd ihr jtrren, He rd K«i «f» WC no A Ovttl thr ir 'mi, whirh jutted out below hi* viindww. Hr waited Hr hrard Mrs Ealirr*' rfttrirtic ticp* tu the kiii hrii. Itatk and fotih | J Te*rml , v tbf aran'i length below the roof. fully, Inn nouetbeless f Helinjf thr ihuck ol the rcmrnt liitiuict hit breln llf ieaned aitamu the tide of (he ■ breathing heavily, irahsijin. Page 6 Everlasting Jantzen Sweaters for men in Featherfleeee Sweaters that hold their shape for years . they're net com- plniet) fmppy ami tda^iil— " ll .: wn 1 l\ I'l'tll I r Iiih i oui and put his arm dttmnd her j iid held hn ■ ,1.1 "Well, I poowthl think you're makitur u wtie decwion." Saoi was aiiying a fr»' minute* later, "1 think about November you'll be cjitd vou waited." Tom heaved a lar^r, »hakmpol- liiely. Ife found hr was blaring at die fal wuman and her dii ugh let again, and limtily lowered h ii eye*. "What funny thing* y"ii do T " and llmteted under foil «trady jra^e, "Oh, herr rutiie* vour father! Henry uppeared not to have heard, but a* he went out he made a poinied and unprintable remark.

When I go to the »rhnol dannr at the end of term I will be thr nn[y yn] there without lipatirlt mi if I take mv aunt T t advice, and f wdf ferl »itly. 1 ' Stephen said, and h *s Aunt Sehna vanished piirponrfully into rh* kitehen frr ihr »eri»iid time thai day. '"Km you ttiu»t come anil mm f)*ira." Aunt Wjnilrcd Ird him out Into the garden, which wit* her especial province. Team your skirt with Jantzen Shirts and Featherfleeee Sweaters. ' I lir voiiiiu l o«.p| r J j I eath either hrlplr^^K ihcn s^i down On in* edge tfj thi' jo U Hr iliuuichr wearily that hciierdrd a good hit mn Tr r for die ncxl &.'\. u^ed for their i Kiru'vmitin, it" - have le take ratch* a K-rmth-f an m 1 umniitdiiiiuti' suinr- whrif oficn niu m ihr middle of the nhthi, hm 1'liev know ih.-v n- hurting proplr they lovr hv nhni They're oiiiii K. "I — I don't know what we're cning to t»\ tkhen we [Wt hrt HOr," Sjilly vald liesiuntlyv, when liiey were »taildinfl mi (hr pnlrft, lonkrd up «il lite full 01000, "Tell 'em van jus* umn nut \pmmnv' ' hr cigarettes or a ladv't wriitwatt h. "Fayntleray hi Meif." jeered a young man in a nunhum tie.

Reville, Marv- Iwiruu^h, Queenslant L J AW 15, and when I am nm ar sehno] 1 weiir lip. She -.11 ] am KW \ounj for lip Mirk, but my mother" In* me wear it. And h& sem us a ■ I ■ j l *irtoin E H "Ir'll bfl ■ treat aiirr rr-jtuuram niealk. "She was very old ^and de- i rr pi i- |K'i)t liti Li/' Aunt Sr hna cxpliiin^il "The vet thtt Ugfl E it rilighl lie kiudrr. quiir a rj(H»d age for a i)o R, a/ter ail." Fifttrri! m rathe T nielanchnly remindrr that i h ■ part roufet not he etitirrly recon- ciled to the prr*rnt. This war everyone can afford a Jantzen Amcrican-dcsi Rned skirt for outdoors, town wear, everywhere! W(K)I checks— all al Jantzen 's new low prices, all unmtsukeably Jantzen quality. "She's □ fovefy bride, " she 'JUJitf miiti had hi» arm tiiihi arnnhd tbe g'"*'* *houldrrs, and it wmi Jd Mw t K*n hard in «y who, «m giving courage to whom. ttttafotfe .i.h 'i.i "Nuw, hrfort 1 ro k*"' m a few minutr* iuuh- won't hurl noni-, aud f alwayi Ukc tu gel avc^udnicd Brrt. " "Vrv « r *'* *"I tupfn^r *nmr nr all of Vm ore agaimi vuui gelling mitrri' il-'" They lion Mtrd. in»trad nf *fter— ujirti j ik - run A\ jud erj rpotr Wd JUM be Cfl UW llirv lr iinj- i Mriit, Lbui kind of L»kc* thr nijp- nf T thrir hnp- p&KH *miftimr» "In Mr Ad ol huviinr MMH luir place already |rr. Vottll he rtredine il lot ihr intiii Mer," be «aid.

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