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We, the citizens of South-Central Montana and others who love to travel here, declare that we will NOT stand by and allow our beloved landscape to be fracked for oil and gas.

We do not need or want anything akin to the Bakken disaster in OUR backyard.

Their photos were provided to by NCIS and ICE, partners in the North Texas Joint Terrorism Task Force.

At least 11 of the 17 members of the Afghan military who went AWOL from an Air Force base in Texas and are considered deserters by their nation have turned up in the exact place you'd expect to find them in the year 2010. And, by the look of things, they're not unlike millions of other young men on the social networking site.

One proclaims to be a fan of Paris Hilton and is a member of a group named “FREE Webcam Sex with ME!

” Another is a fan of hip hop music, Michael Jackson, the tearjerker movie The Notebook, Family Guy and Sports Center. But others have friends whose motives may be much more sinister.

Some belong to the “Afghanistan Mujahideen” group, a page that features, among other content, videos from the American-born Al Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn, a.k.a. According to a nationwide be-on-the-lookout (BOLO) bulletin that was sent by the North Texas Joint Terrorism Task force to law enforcement agencies across the country last week, the 17 Afghan deserters walked away from the Defense Language Institute at Lackland Air Force Base, where they had been studying English. The existence of the BOLO alert was revealed exclusively by Fox

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