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It’s a nice break from staring at lecture slides or doing coursework!

''It creates an idea that other foods are ‘dirty’ or ‘bad’ and that’s never my goal when talking about or creating food.

Pictured: Chocolate chilli with coriander-spiked avocado (left) Egyptian dukkah-crusted chicken fillets with cauliflower tabbouleh (right)She revealed: 'It's got all kinds of recipes from breakfasts worth getting out of bed for to decadent desserts to main meals along with a section on loving your body, natural skincare and relaxing meditation and yoga sequences.'Saskia Gregson-Williams (pictured) a professional ballerina and food blogger at Naturally Sassy, was left depressed for years suffering with chronic eczema until she learnt how to cure it herself via diet'I took the radical decision to completely cut dairy out of my diet, and within a month my eczema had disappeared - it was amazing,' she said.

'My eczema had been really mentally weighing me down, it was so sore and inflamed and made me very insecure.

The difference in my confidence, energy levels and happiness when it disappeared were really noticeable.' The 19-year-old made the radical decision to completely cut dairy out of her diet and within a month her eczema disappeared.

Pictured: Saskia's vegan and gluten free pancakes (left) and sweet potato and black bean burgers (right)'In a nutshell, it is about cooking meals that are packed with nutrients and completely delicious.

It is a simple way of eating that creates the flavours you love, naturally.

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