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People say it's because of the language barrier and STD fear, but I bet it's because if they did let us in, the whores would retire.The same way Michael Jordan retired after winning the championship-with a destroyed vaginal area.” Gaijin (Japanese: 外人国家に居住している人々, pronounced "guy-jin") are people from the land of Gaikoku (外国) who may come to Japan to live, work, or as tourists.The word means "lowlife barbarian bastard pig eaters," and is supposed to refer to all foreigners including the Chinese and Koreans. Gaijin usually fall into the following categories: 1.However, this article will more focus on the European Gaijins. English teachers - they usually come to Japan to chase Japanese girls and earn some money at the same time.

They get a visa to play professional street soccer, but all they do is buy 100-yen products to send to Brazil as the brand new tendencies happening on Japan.

They steal, they attack pure yellow Japanese girls, they throw garbage in the wrong bags, and they don't know how to get dressed.

They don't know Japanese and dance samba every weekend. To a Japanese person, they have big eyes, pretty facial features and apparently can have blond hair while Gaijin have small eyes, black spiky hair and ugly facial features as you can see from the picture above.

While the quality of life has been steadily increasing over past years for majority of gaijin, there are still big issues concerning trivial things in daily life.

For example, it is extremely hard for a gaijin to rent a house or an apartment room in Japan, as they are thought to be noisy or trouble-maker. (makes gesture with thumb and finger) You: Where is Mc Donalds? Aii donta knooww If you don't even speak English, (this means if you don't speak Japanese or Engrish, and you can only speak French or Chinese or German or whatever...) you won't be able to get out from the airport (Possibility: 999999.9756%) and the airport will be your home for the rest of your life.

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