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“I have heard of it,” she said of the cash for questions scandal, “But I couldn’t tell you anything about it.” She paused: “He and his wife have been on something, on television, haven’t they?

” Being on the telly, of course, is no guarantee of popularity, as Ms Williams rather suggested: “Weren’t he and his wife seen as a bit of a joke?

I know he’s got a background in politics, but I can’t imagine him as anything other than a TV celebrity – a slightly silly, blundering one.” So, even though she wanted out of Europe, she was voting Conservative on Thursday.

Even when suggests that perhaps we ought to be mentioning the “cash for questions” affair, which many assumed had ended his political career after he lost his English parliamentary seat to white-suited “anti-sleaze” candidate Martin Bell in 1997.“Nobody else is mentioning it,” says the man once routinely described as a “disgraced” ex-MP. It was a big thing, but it happened to be a pack of lies.” And so he says, with ebullient confidence, “It will require a bit of an earthquake for me not to win [a Welsh Assembly seat].” Yes, he may have lost his libel action against Mohamed al-Fayed, who accused him of taking cash in brown envelopes, but “I was exonerated after a two-year investigation by the Inland Revenue.Sir Gordon Downey’s view that there was compelling evidence I took cash for [asking] questions [in Parliament] was rejected by the House of Commons Standards Committee…” But more to the point, much more to the point, wherever they go in Wales, Mr Hamilton and his wife Christine, of TV’s is in no position to confirm or deny the clamour for selfies, but the stuff about cash for questions not being an issue seems pretty spot on, at least judging by what we found in Mid and West Wales.On the main street of Llandeilo we popped into Heidi Schoner’s furniture and interiors shop Papillion and mentioned the name Neil Hamilton. I liked her – straightforward, no bulls***.” And cash for questions was so long ago.“To be honest,” she said, “I only know him as a celebrity. “I remember something about it,” said Ms Schoner, 49.

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