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Women, though, were more likely to consider it cheating than men -- 85 percent of women polled would consider it cheating, versus 74 percent of men.

In a recent Huff Post/You Gov poll of 1,000 people, fifty-six percent of women polled said that if their partner kissed someone else on the lips, they would consider it cheating, versus 40 percent of men who felt the same.

Statistics of any kind are simply numbers collected and gathered on any particular subject and then used to prove a point.

One comedian lampooned the power of statistics with the phrase "Seventy six percent of all statistics are made up on the spot!

" Even the famous author Mark Twain was skeptical of the usefulness of the numbers, saying there were three kinds of untuths: "Lies, damn lies, and statistics!

" When it comes to infidelity, statistics become even more suspect, because of the inherent secrecy and guilt involved.

This year, the number of women who believed a flirty message was cheating plummeted to 68 percent, while men reported a slight decrease to 51 percent.• Ninety percent of women (compared 100 percent in 2013) said that "passionately kissing someone else" was cheating.

The number decreased for guys as well, with only 75 percent agreeing with the statement, compared to 86 percent in 2013. The respondents take on whether having "sex with another person repeatedly" was a form of infidelity.

Ninety-two percent of women said it was, and 86 percent of men agreed. The respondents' confessions about their own history with infidelity.

Twenty-eight percent of the singles polled admitted to having been unfaithful in a prior relationship -- a slight increase from 2013, when only 22 percent admitted to straying in a relationship.

This isn't the first survey to take a look at how Americans define infidelity today.

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In a recent Huff Post/You Gov poll, 79 percent of the 1,000 U. adults surveyed said they would consider it cheating if their partner sent sexy text messages or pictures to someone else.

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