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) that more fully reflects the inherently dyadic nature of partner violence is presented, as well as a method of using the Conflict Tactics Scales to identify cases in the typology, including “Intimate Terrorists.” Analysis of 13,877 university student dating relationships found a similar percent of male and female “Intimate Terrorists.” This is consistent with other studies of general populations and reflects inadequacies in Johnson’s methodology.

Bidirectional violence, including Intimate Terrorism, was associated with the highest probability of injury, especially for women.

I am proud to have contributed entries to this state-of-the-art database. TRAC is the model of how to make relevant information accessible.Recently, one of my fellow interns wrote a fabulous information piece about the rarely acknowledged sexual abuse to prison pipeline.One of NOW’s current missions is to not only spread awareness about our 6 core issues, but also to help people realize the undeniable extent to which these issues are interconnected.The sexual abuse to prison pipeline, and its disproportionate effects on women of color and low-income women, is yet another demonstration of the relationships between: intimate partner violence, lack of mental health for low-income women, high rates of violence experienced by women of color, lack of economic independence for women, and the cultural causes and repercussions of this level of violence in these communities.Within any movement, but particularly feminism, intersectionality demands that we acknowledge and work to combat the discrimination people face as a result of the different facets of their identity.

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