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Do you like noticing small anomalies, and turning them into clues to an unexpected explanation?

Do you like watching world-class scientists at work, piecing together insights to create new theories, and coping with disappointments when their theories appear to be disproved?

At its heart, despite its grandness, it’s actually a very simple theory, which is a big plus in its favour.) Much of the time, the writing in the book is accessible to people with pre-university level knowledge of science.On occasion, the going gets harder, but readers should be able to skip over these sections.I recommend reading the book all the way through, since the last chapter contains many profound ideas.I think you’ll like this book if: Even more than all these good reasons, I highlight this book as an example of what the world badly needs: clear, engaging advocacy of the methods of science and reason, as opposed to mysticism and obscurantism.Footnote: For my own views about the meaning of quantum mechanics, see my earlier blogpost “Schrödinger’s Rabbits”.

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