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Previously in Dot's Diary: Dot celebrated her 17th birthday with her currrent boyfriend Jim Parks at her side...

a sad nation mourned when President Roosevelt passed away... Dot, Sis and Sunny went to see that “adorable man”, Woody Herman...

Dot donned her Englewood High gym suit to do the Ox Dance, and took in the circus. So Hal, Ginny, Jim and I went to see if we could bowl. is to be enlarged and modernized [...] The Lytton's [...] has been leased for 20 years at a guaranteed rental of ,000.

Came home, and who should be over but Johnny (sailor) and his younger brother Bob (17) from Gary, Ind. 6'2 with a gorgeous physique, although he was quite bashful. It was closed, so went to Karson's and had pie and coffee. [It] will be completely air conditioned and will have an acoustically treated ceiling first floor. Original BBC radio broadcasts V-E day was really special as we knew the War was winding down and all the servicemen stationed in Europe would be coming home and that they were safer, too.

Went home and met Totten, so he and I went back to Parnell and called up Viola and Ginny. Hal and I had a Cherry Coke and talked about marriage. Goofed around till and then walked home.”FISH FURNITURE TO ENLARGE ITS 63RD STREET STORE: In addition to the four-story and basement building which [Fish Furniture] will build for Lytton & Co. Nazi General Alfred Jodl signs an unconditional surrender at Reims, France, ending Germany's participation in the war. Dot and I didn't have any friends over there, but a lot of our relatives did.

was a special movie and one of my favorite Disney films to this day.

It will be a sober day—almost a sorrowful day—because of the realization that another war needs to be fought in Asia and because of the memory that the price of V-E day was paid with the lives and blood of many Chicago sons. Marble tops, booths with mirrors, dark paneling—and what a soda fountain! Aunt Lill came over later on, so we stayed up till .”T. Wright, civil aeronautics administration head [said] a landing place near the “business-industrial, banking-hotel center of a city attacks the air transport problem...Even in '45, it was what you thought a typical soda fountain should be. affected all these years by the necessity of locating airports far away from business centers.“Unless the airplane can pick up its passengers and cargo from points close to their origin, and deliver them close to the final destination, air transport cannot perform its greatest service to the public”Chicago Tribune: “Ration Roundup — Peanut Butter Is a Versatile Bread Spread: There's no shortage of peanut butter, an excellent meat and butter replacer, and one of the best sandwich spreads ever invented.Homemakers who have lunches to pack are discovering the dozens of peanut butter combinations which please their lunch carrying hus FORESEES ATOM SHIPS, TRAINS IN THIS GENERATION: Dr.Lee De Forest, inventor of the audion tube which makes modern radio broadcasting possible, declared that this generation will see atomic power so developed that it will propel ships and trains, and possibly even automobiles.[This power] “will provide the keys for more leisure, education, and for better living, with the era of ‘slave labor’ left behind.” The battle for Okinawa claimed more lives than any US campaign against Japan in the Pacific war.

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