Josh hartnett scarlett johansson dating

co-star) Josh Harnett left her NYC apartment yesterday afternoon in the sweltering heat.

The pair left later went their separate ways in So Ho.

MUNICH -- With fighting words for Germany's new government and its "lawn-mower" approach to closing down media funds, Munich-based film fund Equity Pictures has paid out €5 million (.92 million) to investors in its KG II fund, the company announced Friday.

"The fairy tale that media funds are no more than tax shelters that tear holes in the governments' coffers is herewith disproven," Equity Pictures chief financial officer Josef Lautenschlager said in a statement, pointing out that the payments would have to be declared as income and would therefore bring in tax money.

The fund helped finance films like Hostage with Bruce Willis, Golden Globe-nominee The Matador with Pierce Brosnan as well as projects with such stars as Steven Seagal, Snoop Dogg and Josh Hartnett, according to the statement.

» Scarlett Johansson has given boyfriend Josh Hartnett cause for concern, by branding monogamy unnatural and questioning romances between actors.

The screen stars have been dating since April after meeting on the set of The Black Dahlia, but Johansson's comments have sparked questions.

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