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I know that it works and, by no means, do I consider myself rare.

Online dating can result in finding the love of your life and I’m living proof.

Even though I’m a professional matchmaker, I don’t downplay the benefits of online dating, and I encourage all singles to try it out as another way to meet people and put themselves out there.

I’m often asked, “What’s the best online dating site? ” My answer is that there are no bad online dating sites.

They all have their own benefits as well as their individual downsides.

According to, the oldest online dating site, approximately 40 million people have used online dating services.Some people still have some misconceptions about online dating.Myths abound that online dating is impersonal, or it’s like shopping on Amazon, or even that it’s only for people who can’t find love any other way.But fortunately, as more and more people get used to the idea, meeting someone online no longer carries a stigma and it can be a wonderful way to meet someone new.Although online dating also sometimes gets a bad rap for producing less than ideal matches, I believe it can be an effective tool if used correctly.

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