Man who bullies and is intimidating

In an UK study by Young Voice, 28 out of 273 young people (aged 11-19) said that they had been forced to do something sexual they did not want to.Currently about 120 countries have some kind of law against bullying, mostly against school bullying.Governments expect this to radically stop bullying at schools and at the workplace, but this is not happening.This article takes a very critical approach to anti-bullying laws.Hazing, a form of bullying or initiation rite has a very strong sexual component.

Even people working in the UK Prime Minister’s office suffered from bullying and officially complained. Look around and you’ll find a bully in kindergartens and day-care, in school and college, in church, at work, in the neighbourhood, on the political scene.This kind of bullying is especially common among girls.— Bullies use modern technology and social media to harass victims publicly through email, instant messaging, Internet chat rooms, and electronic gadgets like camera cell phones, cyber bullies forward and spread hurtful images and/or messages.About one in ten or 12% of parents claim that their child experienced cyberbullying, and 24% know of someone in their community who has been bullied, according to a poll by IPSOS, an independent global market research company.

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- involves unwanted physical contact or sexually abusive or inappropriate comments or spreading untrue rumours.

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