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“Be yourself” is cliche, mostly useless dating advice that no one wants to hear anymore.

Then again, who wants to have to be something you’re not in order to succeed at dating?

You definitely shouldn’t pretend to be somebody you aren’t, but you should still put your best foot forward and present the best version of yourself on a date.

The first step is making sure your personal grooming is taken care of. Not only is it relaxing, it also makes sure you smell clean and fresh.

Even if you took a shower earlier that day, go ahead and shower again.

Taking the approach of putting in the least possible effort is sure to end poorly.

Ear and nose hair is a known turn-off for women, so trim any of that as well.

Next, you want to make sure your teeth are clean, and your breath is fresh.

If you haven’t flossed since your last dentist appointment, doing so right before your date could lead to awkward bleeding, and the best dates involve as little bleeding as possible.

Brushing your teeth and then rinsing with mouthwash will make sure your breath is fresh with much less risk.

Then again, if you’re a regular flosser, go ahead and do that, too.

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