Muslim male dating non muslim female

When my sister Jandra, first generation American of Dominican descent started dating her boyfriend Arman, who is also first generation American of Bengali descent, my family had a case of the side eye.

It's not that my parents want us to marry a Latino man, they would say that they just want the best for us.

But the farthest thing from their mind was that one of their daughters would not only start dating someone from a different culture, but a different religion.

I also thought all Muslims pray five times a day but not everybody does it. I don't know anyone that prays five times a day that's my age.

He doesn't pray five times a day but when there's a special holiday he does celebrate it. Jandra: Well there's people at Hunter [college] who do pray five times a day. Arman: My grandpa used to pray five times a day but recently he hasn't been doing that because he's been feeling tired.

FLAMA: So it's not that common for young muslims from your experience to pray five times a day? But when my mom wakes up in the morning, she prays but she doesn't pray during the day.

If she has the opportunity she'll do it but it's not as consistent.

FLAMA: What is a stereotype that you wish people would stop assuming about being a Muslim?

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Arman: I don't really hate it but it just bothers me and I find it comical when people say that all Muslims are terrorists.

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