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»7 ~ — ~ Published Weekir at 1S4 West 4eth St., Mew York, N. OOO, with the average audi- ence not more than 4,000. : The plan l^ aimed to bring about a substantial saving in audltlo Ti costs to chains which now spend : about ,000 a week in just listen- ing to would-be air talent.

1930 80 PAGES THREATENED leason ^nld Dg Island and Jersey Shore 't Cepdrts agree t He; summer Has ■been pretty good In the gambling vray on, Loifg Island -aillid along the . The girl agreed on condition of one copy, only refusing addi- tional carbons. The last half will be vaudeville — matinee and two night shows. YEAHS HAYS Broadway's puzzlement over the Hays dictum on what can be slipped Into Hollywood will doubtless be further aggravated by film producer spokesmen's angles on two muchly discussed offerings.

Tab Did No Good It has been the first summer for the boardwalk at Rockaway. After getting their drama on paper, they ap- prd^c Ked the steno with a proposition to type the script In exchange for 50% In the play.

In the Hockaways the charity gag was employed for open gantibling, with signs announcing the charities, but omitting their names. Not Even for 50% A couple of press agents,, finding time hanging heavy on their hands and sharing desk room in a public stenographer's, office on the cuff, decided to write a play.

Over at Montauk Point, the end of Long Island, some raids were pulled as the season ended; Started by the New York "World," which waited until the season's end as did the officials. the shoestring places like the Rockaw'ays and Long Beach, along the boardwalk at both, the gimmick wheels all over were' going for money continuously over the sum- ;, mer, under cover or openly. One of the larger and most com- plete lay outs, going for real dough, only opened up three weeks ago, (Continued on page S) Ronmiies at Ri Minneapolis, Sept. Providing their trousers hold out, the players say they will continue their game until it rains. t*.*^*** Warner yarn didn't mention ttat the duo fixed him up with a job as an extra.

Just can't run, ther^ geem to be wheeis just the same, roulette wheels any other kind of chance game, -for regular money that may b© wanted., Down Jersey way they have pick- ed or called the numbers as usual, to a good play. tabs opened up on the Rockaway wheels, but failed to stop them as the police were unable to locate any gambling. game- of rummy- • Is on- by- inembers of the Fairmont Recrea- tion club, comprised of business men and farmers. Local film house is complaining about the opposition. This year,' with pisen and Johnson in Hollywood, ne went to California as guests of toe vaudevllllans.

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