Nina dobrev dating 2016

“The Vampire Diaries” actress Nina Dobrev and “Whiplash” actor Austin Stowell have gone their separate ways after seven months together. News, "It started to get hard with both of their schedules.

“Nina and Scott are friends that flirt and like each other a lot,” the source explained.“They have known each other for a while but the timing was never right.” Well, Nina and her boyfriend Austin Stowell called it quits in Feb., so it seems like now may be the time.“Now that they are both single they have time to see where things might go for them,” the source continued.We know at least one of them is eyeing a real relationship.“Things are easy and casual right now between them but she is hoping it will be more.” It looks like Scott is into it too, since they’ve already been chatting since the music festival. Hollywood Lifers – what do you think of Nina and Scott becoming a couple?

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