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rranjani_79: ethuku sry me: illa..ungala impress panna try panra mathiri thnuthu rranjani_79: na la impress agamatean me: neega epudi irupeenga rranjani_79: i know my limit me: hmm...nalla aunty rranjani_79: hmm me: neenga normal ah...saree katu veengala....chudidaraaaa rranjani_79: saree tha me: super aunty...ennaku saree na romba pudikum rranjani_79: oh hmm me: nalla reply me: rranjani_79: veara ena reply panrathu me: neenga low hip poduveengala rranjani_79: therila normal a tha katuvean rranjani_79: y me: low hip theriyatha rranjani_79: normla tha katuvean me: illa..saree ah.thopul kila katuveengala...illaya rranjani_79: ama me: super aunty.low hip...

rranjani_79: ena doubt me: child birth ku aparam....thopul la marks vilunthiri=ucha rranjani_79: ama but ipo ila me: thopula matum than vilunthucha.tighslayuma me: epudi unga thopula marks pochu rranjani_79: athuva poachu rranjani_79: veara peasalam me: oh sry aunty me: neenga pesunga me: nan peasna..epadi tha irukum rranjani_79: work epdi poaguthu me: hmm..nalla poguthu rranjani_79: hmm good me: unga photo one anupungala.rranjani_79: no way me: ok sry rranjani_79: I dont share me: hmm rranjani_79: un photo iruka me: no way me: i dont share rranjani_79: ha ha ha me: neenga send panunga ..nanum panrean me: nan onum panna matean rranjani_79: ok veanam me: hugly confidential rranjani_79: paravaila veanam me: plz aunty rranjani_79: nope me: hmm..ponga me: neenga facebook la irukeengala rranjani_79: illa me: unga kitta cam iruka rranjani_79: illa me: hmm rranjani_79: unta iruka me: enna pakanuma me: hmm rranjani_79: hmm ur wish me: venam rranjani_79: hmm ok me: i like u aunty me: ungala en frnd ah add panitean me: accept pannunga me: aunty me: thr?

me: i wanna have sex with aunty rranjani_79: what is this rranjani_79: dont talk to me like this me: ok im sry me: im sry rranjani_79: ok no pblm.

me: i belong to chennai me: wher u from rranjani_79: madurai me: gud..

me: wanna c me me: aunty me: waiting 4 u me: aunty me: poonga me: nan ungaluku cam kamichen me: hi aunty me: h r u rranjani_79: fine me: enna panreenga me: aunty me: thungalaya rranjani_79: thukam varala me: yen aunty?

rranjani_79: chennai poirkaru me: oh.thukam varalaya me: rranjani_79: po lusu me: hehehe..aunty vekama..super rranjani_79: ila chuma tha me: hmmm..varuvaru me: miss panreengala me: ?

me: u have kids rranjani_79: what u do rranjani_79: 1 girl me: im software eng me: wats her age rranjani_79: oh what company" rranjani_79: 33 me: her age or ur age rranjani_79: my age me: i work for IBM me: ok rranjani_79: ok me: im sry aunty...i should have spoken like tat me: not rranjani_79: paravailla me: seri aunty me: neenga enna panreenga rranjani_79: house wife me: super aunty me: unga husband enna panraru rranjani_79: business me: enna business rranjani_79: textile me: ethana varusam achu ..kalyanam ayi rranjani_79: 8 years me: hmm..thana me: yen aunty me: im sry ...

me: illa..thapa work panuthu rranjani_79: oh me: sex pathiyea pesa solluthu rranjani_79: adi vanguva me: nite me: hmm.aunty rranjani_79: hmm me: nan romba nalla irupean rranjani_79: hmm good me: 6 feet height me: seri vidunga rranjani_79: hmm apuram me: sry...rranjani_79: ai veara peasu me: ok rranjani_79: hmm me: yesterday.sollama poiteenga rranjani_79: current off me: oh me: wanna me?

rranjani_79: ila open panalum close aidum rranjani_79: so much pblm here me: panayuma me: illana..pananum?

rranjani_79: paravaila light off panu me: ok me: ponga aunty rranjani_79: hmm me: sollanga aunty me: lite off panitean rranjani_79: hmm me: so aunty.padichirukeenga rranjani_79: MSc physics me: wow...super aunty me: aunty enna dress potu irukeenga rranjani_79: saree y?

me: saree ya.sollatheenga me: nite la saree ya rranjani_79: ama me: aiyoo.vidunga..saree na very dangerous rranjani_79: ena danger me: illa aunty...saree na...neenga thopul kila katuveenga...epudpa thnk pannu...enaku mood agaum me: so danger me: sry rranjani_79: adi vaanguva me: y?

me: en felling understnd panunga rranjani_79: no rranjani_79: veara peasu me: unga ponnu thungiducha rranjani_79: hmm thungita me: neenga sapteengala rranjani_79: saptean me: aunty...neenga en dreams vara kudathu rranjani_79: u?

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Im posting my First sex chat, me: hi me: aunty rranjani_79: hi rranjani_79: asl me: 24 M bangalore me: hi aunty rranjani_79: hi me: dnt mistake me: me rranjani_79: y?

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  2. It requires a password or Touch ID every single time you open it, and you can't turn this off. I haven't had any issues in the last several months of using it. Chat format is easy to read, but the chat window doesn't expand when you hide the onscreen keyboard leading to a lot of wasted space.