Orthotic accommodating shoes

With a vast array of technological tools available for all aspects of patient assessment, digital casting, CAD orthotic design, and CAM CNC milling, you can be sure that your patient will receive the most accurate and thorough product on the market.

- Force plate for readings of pressure and timing values of the foot.

Can be used in static stance readings as well as dynamic gait evaluations.

The S-Plate is particularly useful for biomechanical assessment of force and timing distribution as well as identifying postural sway and effectiveness of postings and heel lifts.

- One of the world’s leading insole pressure mapping tools for use with high risk patients such as those with diabetic sensory neuropathy. Captures a 3 dimensional laser scan of the foot to create a digital cast of the foot, as well as a 2 dimensional plantar photo of the foot for capturing precise locations of foot structure and accommodations.

Can be used to take baseline measurements pre-treatment, as well as take post treatment measurements to determine precise effectiveness of offloading devices as well as biomechanically functional devices. Available for purchase by practitioners to improve casting methods and lab turnaround times. High precision volumetric white light scanner that can scan feet, casts, foam impressions and even footwear insoles for CAD orthotic design.

One of the only Full Service Labs in the country, offering Custom Made Orthopedic Shoes (30+ years experience), dynamic custom fit AFO’s, 3000+ OTS Orthopedic shoe inventory, and Pedorthist Chiropodists on staff.

Exceptional turnaround with 1 day and 3 day rush services available.

Lifetime warranty on all orthotic shells, 6 months free modifications.

Personal account managers, free consultations with expert practitioners, free in-clinic marketing materials, educational seminars on casting techniques, assessments, materials, accommodation choices and how to grow your orthotic business and increase volume.

Free shipping on 3+ casts or free inbound shipping.

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Meet the Team Orthogenic Laboratories utilizes technology developed by Paromed, worldwide leaders in CAD/CAM systems for custom orthotic manufacturing.

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