Outlook calendar not updating on blackberry

(Thanks canuckvoip) It's been a while since the Black Berry Desktop Software has received an update, but today version 7.1.0 B35 is available for download. Download Black Berry Desktop Software for PC New features and enhancements The new features and enhancements for Black Berry Desktop Software 2.4 build 13 include the following items: Support for new Black Berry Play Book tablets Black Berry Desktop Software now supports mobile network enabled tablets.We're not quite sure what's new and improved in this version, so if you spot anything fancy let us know. Improved Group to Category synchronization for your contacts When you synchronize your contacts, the Black Berry Desktop Software maps Groups from your Apple Address Book to a Category with the same name in the Contacts app on your Black Berry smartphone.

You were unable to synchronize or backup your media files.

Black Berry Link is the desktop computer software which communicates with Black Berry 10 devices.

It was previously called Black Berry Desktop Software and Black Berry Desktop Manager.

It allows users to synchronize their pictures, video, and audio with specific directories on their PC either over USB cable or wirelessly through the local Wi-Fi network.

Users can also monitor their device’s memory usage, perform operating system updates, and back up their devices through Black Berry Link.

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It has been a few months since we've seen an update for Black Berry Link, and today Windows users get a shiny new version (sorry, no Mac love today).

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