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Teens’ peers can have huge influence over their decisions to start dating someone, to use violence or to build healthy relationships, to seek help or not if a dating partner is violent, and to stay in or end a relationship.If peers can have such a strong role in behaviors related to teen dating violence (TDV), it makes a lot of sense to target prevention efforts to certain risky peer networks or to use peer networks to reinforce the positive attitude, skill, and behavior changes that many prevention programs aim to make in individuals or in romantic relationships.It’s probably much harder for a teen to justify being violent in their relationship if all of their friends vocally disapprove of violence in romantic relationships and in general.Teen Dating Violence: How peers can affect risk & protective factors is a recent report by the National Institute of Justice.It explores how peer groups influence TDV and how prevention practitioners can work with peer groups to prevent it.In addition to discussing practical considerations for planning prevention efforts that target peer contexts, the report talks about four main points that research has made about why peer contexts are so important for preventing TDV.It certainly seems like peer contexts are important for TDV prevention.The old fashioned way of signing up for a internet dating website, putting your profile in with hundreds of others and paying a monthly fee for the privilege of searching that database of profiles is about to become totally obsolete.

Dating Share is a completely new way to handle online dating. Instead, you download a P2P (peer-to-peer) software product that puts you directly in touch with a whole community of singles looking for romance online.P2P is the same technology used for music downloads and file sharing so you know this is the most up-to-date technology the internet has to offer.The idea of Peer-Peer dating clients has been around for a while, but never seems to catch on.There are many desktop P2P clients like Lime Wire and Transmission that are reasonably straightforward to use, but I’m having a difficult time seeing the general public actually downloading the client, searching for people, and figuring out how to communicate.For teenagers, friends and peer groups have a stronger influence on attitudes and behavior than anyone else.

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