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“We just put everything out there both personally and professionally.”The content of the site and book lays the couple's intimacies bare through candid, confessional diary entries as well as choreographed performance videos that wittily address dating behavior.“We don’t see ourselves as performers,” says Walsh.“As designers, we believe we have a unique ability to share a story.”.But Goodman says, “The thing that made it all worth it was the people who wrote us.We have received thousands of messages from people all over the world, of all ages, genders and cultures, about how ...the project has inspired them to improve their own lives.” Even, Goodman says, to finally date the best friend they’ve always been interested in. Yet it wasn't until the relationship experiment ended, when the pair shot videos, enlisted their friend Eric Jacobsen to design the website, and asked other designers to contribute illustrated and lettered quotes from Goodman and Walsh’s daily entries, that the focus of the project become clear. The most frequent question the pair was asked was important to answer in the book, which is why Goodman and Walsh kept journals for up to a year after the experiment ended, portions of which appear in the book.also includes information about Goodman and Walsh’s childhoods and lives before they met; a history of dating and a dating map; their personal “Worst Date” stories and essays about love and relationships from others; and scads of unpublished artwork.

Although romance wasn't in the cards, their audacious experiment generated a blog that triggered a storm of visual responses.

It also inspired the new book (Abrams).“Before we embarked on our experiment,” Goodman and Walsh write in their introduction, “we created a set of rules and parameters that force us to engage with each other.” They included the following:.

As long-time friends and design colleagues, Goodman and Walsh had frequent, long conversations about their relationship issues.

So, to explore their habits and fears in relationships, Goodman tells me, the pair decided to date.

In terms of making their personal explorations public, Walsh says, “We didn't know what to expect.” According to her, their blog had no designs to tap into a cultural zeitgeist: Most of all, it aspired to be sincere.

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“We're not trend forecasters, and we had no budget or publicist,” she says.

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