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Overhead power lines have some strict guidelines for height clearances over streets, sidewalks, alleys, roads, and driveways.The National Electrical Code (NEC) mandates acceptable clearances for power lines to keep the public safe from coming into contact with them.You see, cables high enough to avoid a person walking past them, may not be high enough to eliminate the possibility of a large truck or person carrying an extension ladder from coming into contact with it.That's exactly why the NEC has put these safety standards into practice.According to the 2008 National Electrical Code, the overhead spans of open conductors and open multiconductor cables of not over 600 volts, nominal, shall have the following clearances for safety.

When we move up to power lines over public streets, roadways without truck traffic and alleys, with voltages of 300-600 volts, a minimum clearance of 15' is required.And for power lines over alleys, public streets, non-residential driveways, roadways with truck traffic, with maximum voltages of 600 volts, a minimum clearance of 18' is required.Remember, Just because power lines are strung high enough in normal conditions, icy conditions and downed tree limbs can bring power lines dangerously close, so beware!If a power line or cable looks too low to safely pass beneath it, go around and do not try to pass under it!In the case of farm machinery, there is a clear and present danger around power lines.

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