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(Natural News) Researchers from Royal Holloway, University of London, have discovered yet another health benefit associated with the bioactive substance naringenin.

This naturally occurring compound is a type of flavonoid that is most plentiful in grapefruit but can also be found in tomatoes and oranges.

Naringenin, known for its bitter taste in grapefruit, has been found to successfully prevent the formation of cysts in the kidneys by "regulating the PKD2 protein responsible for the condition," as stated in a report by Alpha

Surgery and dialysis are common treatment methods for end-stage kidney disease.

Naringenin's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects help prevent the formation of cysts as well as reduce existing swelling in the kidneys caused by fluid retention.

It also significantly decreases oxidative damage to human DNA.

Robin Williams, a professor from the School of Biological Sciences at Royal Holloway, said, "This discovery is vital in helping us to understand how polycystic kidney disease may be controlled and ultimately treated.

Kidney disease is a debilitating condition that can be fatal and finding a treatment is a truly urgent health priority."Since naringenin is not easily absorbed into the body, patients looking to benefit from this natural compound will most likely need to ingest it in the form of a supplement, or receive it intravenously.

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