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The attendant considerately produces a mini-bale of cotton from the plane’s first-aid supplies and asks the man to pinch some off.On seeing this others around him want cotton too, and the ensuing ripple effect requires the attendant to go down the entire length of Economy as passengers reach out for chunks of cotton, some of them all the way from the other aisle.She makes her way down the aisle with the diminishing roll of cotton in her hands and a look of bemusement and resignation combined, all the while chanting (since flight attendants are trained never to walk down an aisle without an incantatory phrase): ‘It does not help.It does not help.’ Then, just after take-off, with the plane still climbing, a passenger in front of me clicks open his safety-belt, stands up, stretches, and begins to trudge up to where his friend is seated, causing the aghast flight attendant to unfasten herself from her minder’s chair and come hurtling downhill to put him in his place.

This exodus, in many cases with point-and-shoot in hand, is the result of people on the left calling out to their friends in other parts of the plane to come see the snow-capped mountain range visible on their side.

The call’s reach is particularly devastating because, with only a few exceptions, the aircraft is filled with tour groups of Indian men, each group in turn composed of groups of friends seated in different corners of Economy.

Even those who haven’t received a rallying cry realize that something is afoot, and keen not to miss whatever it is, percolate leftwards.

I hunker down grimly in my seat in the middle block, hoping it might go some small way towards maintaining our centre of gravity.

Disaster is averted by a matronly flight attendant who soon makes her harassed way down the left aisle despatching passengers to starboard while shouting ‘Take a seat please! ’ This is only the latest (and not the last) of the flight attendant’s troubles.

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