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A few weeks ago we got an email from a Beastly member, Nick, saying that he had referenced our Ectomorph Aesthetics article on his site.He thought that it perfectly described the physique that women find the most attractive.That got me curious about what his site was all about, so I checked it out.It turns out that Nick has started up a business teaching guys how to improve their confidence so that they can meet women in an honest, authentic way.This confidence extends to success in business and with friends. As a skinny guy, building muscle was so important to me because I thought my skinniness would prevent me from attracting the amazing woman who I wanted to raise a family with, or that it would prevent me from defending her.My confidence suffered as a result, and I approached muscle-building with a sense of desperation.

She even told her roommate about it after our date.As someone who runs a fitness website for skinny dudes, I wish I could tell you that she fell in love with me because of that strength. But being someone who can turn a weakness into a strength is the real ticket.It sure made a strong first impression, but I think she fell in love with me because of something else. I think it’s amazing how Nick now makes his living teaching other guys how to do the thing he was known for being awful at.He turned his greatest weakness into his greatest strength. This is most likely because I never had a girlfriend back when I was skinny and shy.This article might help you do the same thing, and if you’re a single guy looking for love, this could even be the article that changes your life. Even the last one, which is passive-aggressive and sweet all at once, stings like a 50-pound dumbbell dropped on your littlest toe. I just heard the same insults from my friends, basketball teammates, and family instead.

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