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-E (was promoted to First Officer, but died prior to position taking effect) Full Name: Data Date of birth: Permanently re-activated Feb.

Even so, the emotional data overload was not enough to overrule his ethics program.

Data was the fifth and next-to-last model created by Soong and his then-wife Juliana on the Omicron Theta science colony, activated on Feb.

2, 2338 when found by members of a away team after the Crystalline Entity had drained the life force from the 411-member colony.

Not until 2370 did he realize he had a childhood-like developmental memory from an existence before that date, wiped by Soong and replaced by the colonists' memories and logs as they faced their doom by the Entity.

In later years, Data discovered his remarried "mother" and just as quickly realized Soong had made her an android, transferring her consciousness shortly before she died; the revelation, which he opted not to reveal to her, was one of two Data experienced in programs left by Soong, the other being a dreaming routine accidentally accessed in 2369. Ira Graves, Soong's mentor and a legend in his own right, asked the android to call him "grandfather" during a time before Graves' short-lived hijacking of Data's body for his own consciousness in 2365.

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Data has said his post-activation months were rough, but the crew who found him inspired him to join Starfleet and, after being deemed sentient, he was accepted to Starfleet Academy in 2341 - with Cmdr.

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